NYC subway station

A estação do Metro mais famosa de Nova York. 

It was the 42nd Times Square Subway stop on the #2 train line when I spotted her.

People got in and out of the subway car. There was a seat right next to me, a girl rushed to sit in, but she saw a senior citizen woman stand and gracefully gave up the seat to her.

She was very young, light skin, and had curly hair. She was also wearing glasses and had a slim figure. She was wearing a pair of black jeans and one of those motorcycle jackets. When the train closed its doors she lean against it, opened her black backpack and took a hardcover book from inside.

I keep looking at her pretty young face and wondering what kind of book she was reading. The train kept its fast pace going Uptown. More people got in and out. She kept reading and seemed totally immersed, I was trying to imagine what kind of book was that.

More stops came in. She finally sat down right in front of my seat. She then took a planner from her bag and started writing something on it. I wondered what she was writing about. Maybe something interesting she had just read, or may something that she will have to do next day.

Suddenly the conductor announced my stop. I stand up and walked toward the door. Before the train’s door closed I had a chance to take a last glance at the young light skin girl on the train. While waking toward the street I wondering who was that pretty young girl.